Parents/carers are legally required to secure full-time education for children of compulsory school age. The education provision must be suitable to the child’s age, aptitude and ability, and to any special needs the child has. A child who is registered at school must attend regularly and punctually.

Our whistle blows at 8.45am and children are expected to be in class and ready for registration at 8.50am.  After this time, your child is regarded as being late for school. 


Planned Absence

We understand that there are occasions when a child may need to be removed from school for circumstances outside of the norm.  These may include urgent medical appointments, scheduled hospital appointments, examinations or 'rare, significant and unavoidable' circumstances that cannot be scheduled at another time.  

Should you need to excuse your child from school for one of these reasons, you must complete a Request for Leave form and submit this to the office, in advance of the absence, for approval by the Headteacher. 


Unforeseen Absence

If your child will be absent from school i.e. due to illness, you must phone the school office on: 01264 735260 before 9.30am on the day of absence. After this time your child will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


The Inclusion Team, along with the Headteacher, monitor pupil attendance on a frequent basis.  In line with our Attendance Policy, we will write to you on a half-termly basis if your child's attendance falls below the DfE expected standard of 96%.

If your child is regularly absent from school, we will work with you and Hampshire County Council, as well as any other relevant external agencies, to support you in ensuring your child has full access to their education.

HCC School Attendance Leaflet