Hatherden Church of England Primary School


As a church school, we are passionate about encouraging children to develop their own ideas about faith in a safe environment. We ensure that our Christian values of Love, Courage and Fellowship are underpinned by everything we do. 

We promote our Christian values through recognising true love, courage and fellowship shown by the children. Each Friday, during celebration assembly, certificates are awarded across the school. Specific praise and examples are given to help even the youngest children to know how to show the school values in all that they do. The children in Reception enjoy using the colour coded certificates to guess which value is being awarded.              

As a church school, every 5 years we have a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools). This is an inspection which looks at the following areas: Christian Distinctiveness; Collective Worship; Religious Education and Leadership and Management of a church school. Our last inspection was 2016, please see the attached report. 

Hatherden SIAMS report 2016

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Bracken


Vision and Values

At Hatherden CE Primary School we believe;

Successful learning happens when we are inspired, motivated and challenged.

  • At Hatherden, we provide a safe, supportive learning environment where children can flourish.
  • We nurture enquiring minds, enabling our children to discover and grow through rich learning experiences.

Our Vision:

Through our values of Love, Courage and Fellowship, we offer you the security of being part of a faithful, loving community. Everyone is welcome to learn and question through the stories taught to us by Jesus. Our school family will support you in shaping the individual you choose to become.


Our current core values are:

Love, Courage and Fellowship.

We encourage our children to explore the meaning of these values and how they can be lived on a daily basis in the way that Jesus taught. Each week, children are recognised in our Celebration Worship for demonstrating these values around our school.  

Please see our weekly round up in the Weekly Communications section of our website to see the most recent listings of children who have been recognised for this.