Friends of Hatherden School

Welcome parents.

As soon as your child starts attending Hatherden Church of England (C of E) Primary School, each parent automatically becomes an ‘ordinary’ member of the Friends of Hatherden School (FOHS). No membership fee is required and all parents are warmly welcomed.


The FOHS is a registered, self-funding charity (registration number 1040845), who’s primary objective is to support Hatherden C of E Primary School and the advancement of education for school pupils, by providing additional resourcing above the school’s statutory funding.


Being a charity we are legally obliged to nominate trustees (the Committee) to run the charity. The FOHS Committee members are voted ‘in’ at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in September each year. Any ‘ordinary’ member can be voted into a committee position if proposed and seconded.


The FOHS Committee for 2018-2019 is as follows:


* Chair - Mr. John Hardstaff

* Vice Chair - Mrs. Clare Horton

* Treasurer -Mr. William McGinn

* Secretary - Mrs. Ellie Winton


Like most Parent Teacher Association (PTA) groups of this nature the FOHS is solely reliant on the support and resourcefulness of the children’s parents, families and friends and without this support we would cease to function.


Fundraising is the main focus for the FOHS Committee. The funds raised by FOHS enable us to provide your child with many extras not normally afforded from school funding. As an example, the type of things FOHS have contributed towards include:


* Transport for swimming lessons and class outings

* Computer equipment

* Football coaching

* Pantomimes

* Year 6 School leavers' presents

* Christmas class presents

* Enhancement of the school environment

* Support towards retaining our Lollipop lady


You too can support the FOHS in many ways: from simply coming along to meetings and offering your ideas and knowledge; to helping at or organising events. It’s up to you to decide how much you can offer but every offer of support in whatever form would be greatly appreciated and received with thanks.


The type of fund raising events that FOHS have undertaken recently include the following:


* Curry and Quiz nights

* Summer Fete

* Winter Fete

* Movie nights


If you want to get involved with the FOHS or the events being run by them, or if you have ideas for other fundraising events then please liaise anytime with any of the Committee detailed above or please email the FOHS at the following address: