Hatherden Church of England Primary School

Curriculum Intent

In September 2020, we launched our revamped curriculum.

In line with current research about long-term learning, this curriculum's absolute focus is on teaching the right skills and knowledge at the right time, in the right order, in the right way.


Curriculum Purpose, Vision and Intent

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Our core values motivate the intent of our curriculum, our purpose. Our core values are Love, Courage and Fellowship. 


We want the absolute best for every child. As a result, we have designed our curriculum to promote the highest standards of well-being and academic achievement.


We recognise that learning is a challenge and so we have designed our curriculum to actively equip children with the skills needed to learn - we all need to learn how to learn! We call these skills our Learning Powers.


We know that being strong in a team is better than being strong alone. With this in mind, our curriculum is designed to promote 'togetherness' and to embed the belief that success is a shared adventure.


Our Curriculum Design - GATE:

Motivated by Love, Courage and Fellowship, we are implementing a knowledge and skills-based curriculum which is driven by the following:


We design learning units which open pathways of interest to different parts of the world.


We design learning units which inspire children to take ownership of their well-being and learning.


We design learning units which equip children with critical skills to interpret life in a healthy, positive way.


We design learning units which provoke children to explore and express their growing convictions about the world.