Hatherden Church of England Primary School

Curriculum Drivers Overview

We want our children to learn skills and knowledge that can be built on progressively to prepare, equip and empower them in their lives.

What is my child going to be studying next half term? 

Our in-depth 4 yr cycle details what the main topics of investigation are for each class per half term. Other subjects wil be taught alongside. 


Updated February 2021  


Please click here to view the 4 year cycle driver overview. This ovrview cleary shows what each class/phase will be learning each half term and which subject ( Science, History or Geography) is the driver subject.  

What do we believe about how learning takes place?

We understand that long-term learning takes place when information is stored (encoded) within the brain.

We know that information is encoded into network-type structures known as 'schemas'. Schemas are an efficient way to organise interrelated knowledge.

When the brain can make a clear link between new information and what has previously been learnt, the new information is easily added to the growing schema. This is known as assimilation.

We want our curriculum to maximise the opportunity for the assimilation and retrieval of new knowledge in a way that equips children with a growing repertoire of skills.

How is our curriculum designed to maximise the opportunity for long-term learning?

We understand that more learning, more encoding, will take place in the brain when learning actively builds on prior-learning and when links are easily made between topics.

With this in mind, our curriculum is driven by thematic links in Integrated Learning Units.

Each Integrated Learning Unit is planned in a way which maximises the opportunity for new knowledge to be easily organised within children's brains by teaching the required knowledge and skills in the context of an explicit theme.

Please see the page on Integrated Learning Units for some examples.