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Forest School 

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Tying Knots - easy when you know how, not so easy when you are 4

Studying leaves and trees

Making Spheres with Mud

Sapings (Reception) enjoyed learning 3D shapes through Forest School. Through their own interests, they begun to dig and mould the wet mud into balls. Their teacher introduced the term sphere and taught them how to say sphere and the concept of a 3 D shape. The children then started to make spheres of different sizes and independently order them. For a sustained period of time, the group of children worked together, listening to one another and respecting the views of others. They demonstrated our learning powers of aiming high and perseverance, as well as  fellowship, one of our Christian values. 

The teacher then assessed the children's knowledge through questions. They introduced terms including the smallest, smaller then and the smallest. Assessments were recorded on Tapestry. 

December 2020



Training - photos and notes

Day 1 Identifying plant species, soil analysis, threading acorns Day 1

Day 2 Shelter in wet weather, tarp at front

Day 3 Knots Knots - round turn and 2 half hitches, reef knot