Music Lessons

There is the opportunity to enrol in private piano tuition and group guitar lessons. 

Currently our piano teacher, Mrs. V. Lane, has no vacancies but it is possible to be added to her waiting list. Please get in touch via the school office. 


Mr. K. Rees provides group guitar lessons once a week. If this is something your child is interested in, please get in touch via the following link or via the school office. 

Stringbrokers Music


All pupils, from Years One to Six have the opportunity to learn an instrument as part of class music lessons.  Currently, this is the recorder, which is taught by Mrs. I. Dixon at Hampshire Music Service with each class receiving a term of lessons per year.  In time, as children's skills develop, the recorder will be exchanged for a mini clarinet. 

Recorders are provided for the school but parents are welcome to purchase their own if they wish.