Hatherden Church of England Primary School

Stone Age to Iron Age

Oak class begin their new study 

The children already knew that they were going to be learning about this historical period because they completed a ‘Pre-Unit Task’, showing us what they already know about history and the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Indeed, it was wonderful to hear that many children had been active learners by visiting hill forts, sharing family artefacts or using online resources to take ownership of their own learning.  

 The firts day of this half term began by reading the first few pages of the text that is to drive our first English learning journey: Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

At the point in the story where the boy is taken back to Om’s community, we spent some time discussing what the living conditions and buildings may have been like.

We asked ourselves why the people didn’t have buildings like the ones we are used to and discussed the need for concrete, steel, iron, tools and electricity.

Then, we considered the resources that people did have available to them and began to be inspired by the possibilities.

After that, the children used their Learning Powers of Aim High, Have a Go, Keep Trying, Reflect and Achieve to use weaving skills and local materials to build a shelter.


This is what we had built by the end of the first session outside, day 1. Open green tab to see more photos.  

Photos of Outdoor learning and dwelling

Day 1