Hatherden Church of England Primary School

School Development Plan (SDP)

Please find our school development plan (SDP) overview here. 

Whilst the school is improving on many levels and across all areas, the SDP outlines four key areas. Behind each of the four areas lies a very detailed action plan, which I update regularly. I am required to report on progress made against these four priorities (on a regular basis) to the following

1. Governors

2. The school's LLP (Hampshire Leading Learning Partner)

3. The school's improvement manager (Derek Myers) 

On top of this, there are additional action plans in place for Literacy and Mathematics, which the LLP and myself monitor. These have been written by the Literacy and Maths subject leads (Mrs Gray and Miss Dundas), in conjunction with Hampshire advisors.

The school is also working with the Hampshire Early Years advisory team to further develop our 'good' provision in Reception – we are aiming for excellence! I hope that you find the overview document interesting. 

Mrs L. V. Bracken (Headteacher)